Bowie Fragrance

The Scent of "Why Not?"

Brand Standards in black and white. 
Three fragrances, simply named "Dust", "Sane", and "Star" after his Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, and Black Star albums.
Each box has imagery on the side from the album or persona of the fragrance in the box. 
Although each box has photographs, they have been manipulated to give a new edgy look to the iconic image. This lets the consumer recognize the roots of the designs inspiration, and perhaps lends to nostalgic feelings, while still giving new or younger consumers something new to connect with. 
The inside of each box is lined with the spines of David Bowie records. There is also an insert at the bottom to hold the bottle in place.
The three scents are kept in boxes which are then placed in a larger box to hold them as a set. The outside of the large box repeats the record spine motif. 
The Brand message of the fragrance is "The Scent of Why Not?" as a nod to David Bowies eccentric style and personas. The inside of the large box has this printed on the inside cover. 
Each fragrance has a small sample to be given away at stores. The sample vial is held in an envelope with information about the product on the inside and back.
The proceeds of each sale will be given to local charities depending on location of the store it is sold in. Information about this is found on the inside of the sample envelope.
Here David models for us dressed at his iconic character Jareth from the 1986 cult classic "Labyrinth".  He was such a good sport at the photoshoot.
To promote the fragrance, I made three web advertisements in the most common sizes, each promoting a seperate fragrance or the box set. 
I was fortunate enough to have great models help with the ads by posing in the different make up styles that inspired each fragrance design. 
Here you can see two of the three web ads as they would be displayed. 
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