The Make Station

The Make Station is an art studio that promotes creativity in groups by offering daily rentable studio space for multiple artists to share, as well as equipment and supplies for purchase and use. The Make Station will have a large, open area for people to rent to work for a day or smaller, private studios for artists to rent for months at a time. I want to create a place that artists feel comfortable sharing their work and ideas with other artists, and a place they can really get dirty and immersed in their work without worrying about making a mess in their apartment or home.

Brand Standards.
The Make Station will have a large selection of supplies for sale. These are examples of the packaging for gesso, a sketch book, watercolor brushes, and fine line markers.  The booklet for The Make Station is also included here. 
The booklet marketing The Make Station, inlcuding a form to fill out in the back for membership.
Magazine advertisement.
Inside of sketchbook.
Marker and brush packaging.
The hip and edgy attitude of The Make Station can be seen through the descriptive text on the back of the art supplies.
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