Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Editorial

This illustration was created to be included in the book Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. It is meant to accompany the eighth chapter of the book titled “The Last Night”. In the chapter, Mr. Poole (Dr. Jekyll’s butler) implores the help of the novels protagonist Mr. Utterson in discovering the truth to Dr. Jekyll’s unusual behavior. He tells Utterson that the Doctor has locked himself away in an upstairs room and will not allow anyone to see him. His only correspondence with him is when he pushes paper under the door filled with chemicals he needs Mr. Poole to collect from the store for him. This is the scene I have depicted. I created an eerie atmosphere using distorted perspective and intense dark, repetitious lines to mimic the feelings of discomfort and fear Mr. Poole feels throughout the chapter. I believe this illustration captures the ambiance of the chapter without giving away key details. Once the reader sees this illustration, they are intrigued to discover its meaning by reading the book.

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