My objective with this project is to design a brand for a chalk festival in La Crosse, Wisconsin. I want to create a logo and promotional material to create interest not only with local artist who would participate in the event, but also with the community members who would come and view the artwork. I want to create fun and friendly materials that will be eye catching and interesting and inform people of a great event taking place in their community. The brand message will be something along the lines of creativity in the community, or bringing our own fantastic local artists out into the community to show off their talents in a festival-like setting.

Website used for artists to register for chalkfest, but also for community members to find out more information about the event
Mobile versions of website make registering easy
Illustrator layout of chalk packaging with die-cuts, fold lines, and bleed
Initial sketches of designs, color schemes and fonts
Chalk will be available for purchase at the event for artists that need extra, or patrons that want their own artistic access to the streets. 
A message on the inside cover encourages artists to get messy when creating their artwork
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